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post-title Essential Questions To Ask When Considering Custom Jewelers (Part 2)

Essential Questions To Ask When Considering Custom Jewelers (Part 2)

Essential Questions To Ask When Considering Custom Jewelers (Part 2)

In the last post, we addressed some basic yet essential questions to consider when choosing a jeweler to create custom wedding bands or purchase jewelry from. However, there are several secondary questions that, when taken into consideration, can ensure that you’ll make the right decision for your jewelry needs. Here are some more important questions to ask your jeweler to help you choose the right one for your needs.

What are the policies regarding returns and warranties?

This is a question to consider when you’ve narrowed down your list of potential jewelry stores to the point when there are just a few remaining. Does the store offer jewelry insurance or any other type of warranty or guarantee? Get the details upfront and before committing to anything. For custom jewelers, this is also the time to address whether or not they can have the custom wedding bands or other custom jewelry completed by the time and day you need it — that is, if you haven’t already addressed it. The last thing you’d ever want is to be stuck paying full price for a piece of jewelry that wasn’t ready when you needed it.

How knowledgeable is the master jeweler?

Knowledge is undoubtedly a critical aspect to examine when choosing a diamond jewelry store or master. Store employees should be able to tell you the “four C’s” of any given piece of jewelry: cut, clarity, color, and carat.

“You may not be trained to see a diamond’s 4Cs, but a good jeweler should guide you through the process, and provide the tools to help you see the true beauty of what you’re about to purchase,” writes

Keep in mind that the jewelry store you choose should also be equipped with a full-spectrum diamond light to properly grade the color. Comparative stones and diamonds are also a helpful resource, as they can help to assure quality and color of the diamond.

Ultimately, diamond engagement rings accounted for an estimated $5 billion of U.S. jewelry sales in 2012. But regardless of the type of jewelry you’re searching for, asking yourself these essential questions is the best way to ensure that the jewelry store will meet or even exceed your custom jewelry needs while serving as a professional source of knowledge through every step of the way.

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