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post-title A Setting Guide for Re-Mounting Your Engagement Ring

A Setting Guide for Re-Mounting Your Engagement Ring

A Setting Guide for Re-Mounting Your Engagement Ring

Getting your engagement ring was one of the best days of your life, but even beautiful, well-made jewelry is susceptible to regular wear and tear. Whether you’re looking to re-mount a ring that’s overdue for repair or simply want to update your ring’s design, there are many different setting options available when you pick your new custom ring design.


This is the most common type of setting you’ll witness on an engagement ring. Four prongs are used to keep the diamond or other gemstones in a plain mounting. It’s the most traditional form of setting but often requires repair if the prongs break or loosen over time.


This is a perfect setting option if you’re looking to upgrade your ring in honor of an anniversary. This setting relies on a channel carved into the ring band that holds multiple diamonds in place with no metal separating them. The outer ridge of the channel is filed over the very edges of the gems to keep them secure and provides a smooth surface despite the textured appearance.


The bar setting is also common for anniversaries, but the multiple gemstones or diamonds are separated by a long, thin bar.


Sometimes known as a tension setting, this type of setting uses the tension forced by the ring’s band to keep the diamond in place. It essentially squeezes the stone in place without any metal imposing on the diamond.


This type of custom ring design uses a metal band to set the diamond in place. It often makes the diamond look larger.


This type of setting can come in multiple shapes, but regardless, the stone is flush with the surface of the ring in this type of mount. The diamond or other gemstone blends in with the surface of the band but creates a unique, chic look for a modern wedding ring.


This type of setting utilizes multiple smaller stones to create an ornate, or specific design. With your custom ring design, the shape the cluster takes is up to you. It usually includes several smaller stones complementing a larger stone in the center.

When you’re planning your new custom ring design, keep in mind that 24-karat gold is actually too soft to turn into jewelry. Instead, design your own custom engagement ring with stones and metals that hold significance for you when you. You and your partner’s custom wedding bands will look beautiful when you work with a master jeweler at a refined jewelry store.

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