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post-title Top 5 Popular Custom Engagement Ring Styles

Top 5 Popular Custom Engagement Ring Styles

Top 5 Popular Custom Engagement Ring Styles

Custom engagement rings have been around for quite a while, and they are meant to be unique. If you have a custom engagement ring, you don’t expect it to look like every other ring at the jewelry store. While that’s true, there have been some common themes in custom ring design, and here are some of them.

Rose Gold

One of the biggest trends in custom wedding rings is the rose gold color. The color has a warm and romantic hue, and it’s usually paired with colorless diamonds that stand out in contrast to the rose gold setting. One of the biggest reasons this color is so popular is that rose gold flatters all skin tones.


Another popular custom engagement ring design is the vintage style. They are known for their impeccable, intricate details and elaborate designs, and they are inspired by the romantic styles that first appeared in jewelry fashion many years ago. Vintage rings with heirloom quality are both glamorous and timeless.


If you’re looking for sophistication and timeless design, then you’re looking for a botanical-inspired custom engagement ring. Botanical engagement rings are described as having a floral design and a nature-inspired shape. They make beautiful and romantic engagement rings for anyone in touch with their feminine side.

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

A round cut diamond may be the most popular center stone, but pear-shaped and marquise-cut diamonds are making a huge comeback. One of the best things about this style, other than it’s unique quality, is that the pear-shaped diamond instantly slims and elongates your fingers.

Three Stones

Finally, the three-stone look is incredibly popular in custom engagement ring design. Even newly royal Meghan Markle sports a beautiful trilogy setting. The three stones are historically meant to represent a couple’s past, present, and future.

The average price for an engagement ring is roughly $5,598. If you want to create a custom engagement ring, the price could vary based on what features you choose to include. If you’re looking for design inspiration, try one of these top trends. If you want something completely unique, straying away from popular trends is probably your best bet.

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