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post-title Beyond the Diamond: Alternative Stones and Styles for Engagement Rings

Beyond the Diamond: Alternative Stones and Styles for Engagement Rings

Beyond the Diamond: Alternative Stones and Styles for Engagement Rings

Though thousands of other couples have promised a life of love with a diamond, for some couples, a diamond just doesn’t communicate the feelings they share. If you’re thinking of popping the question, but know that your partner deserves a ring unlike any other, you’ve come to the right place.

There are plenty of unique ring styles that go beyond diamonds to demonstrate tender feelings. Here are just a few styles that break the diamond jewelry tradition without sacrificing quality, beauty, or individuality.

Knot Rings

What better way to tie the knot than with a knot ring? Made of a fine metal shaped like wire, tied into a knot, then soldered into the shape of the ring, knot rings offer visual interest through their dynamic shape rather than with a precious stone. And, just like diamonds, knot rings are loaded with symbolism. Knots symbolize infinity and eternal love, and in Victorian times, lovers would twist flexible young tree limbs into a knotted shape. If the limb survived a year, that couple knew their love would last.

Knot rings have also been popular with sailors in the past since knot tying represented an important aspect of their work. Sailor’s knot rings were made with two interlocking wires, which remained tied together but could be moved independently, to symbolize how a sailor’s love for their partner lasted through separation. If you and your partner face separation of distance or time, a knot ring might be the perfect engagement gift.

Custom Gemstone Engagement Rings

If you like the sparkle and statement of precious stones, you can try looking for custom gemstone engagement rings instead of a diamond. Gemstones like sapphire have almost the same hardness as diamonds, making them good choices for longevity and for a symbol of everlasting love. Gemstones and birthstones each have unique symbolism, too, so when you propose with a garnet or moonstone, you’re saying more than “I love you.” Here are just a few meanings that different gemstones hold:

      • Aquamarine: Courage in the face of fear, protection on long journeys


      • Garnet: Passion, commitment, and devotion


      • Onyx: Perseverance and deflection of other’s doubts


      • Pearl: Harmony and humility


      • Opal: Inspiration, spontaneity, creativity


      • Ruby: Friendship, happiness, opening of the heart


      • Rose Quartz: Gentleness, overcoming emotional wounds


      • Sapphire: Wisdom, protection, and truth, associated with ancient love and royalty


By considering custom gemstone engagement rings, or by selecting antique gemstone jewelry, you can add unique meaning to your proposal and your union.

Antiques and Custom Wedding Ring Designs

Finally, working with a custom jeweler can allow you to create the exact ring of your dreams. Using inscriptions, special stone settings, custom metal work, and more, you can ensure your non-diamond engagement ring makes all the right statements for your beloved. You can even update an heirloom to welcome a new person to your family tree.

Diamond wedding jewelry is beautiful, but it doesn’t have to be universal. Though diamond engagement rings made $5 billion in U.S. jewelry sales in 2012, other styles of engagement jewelry are on the rise. If you think a unique ring might work better for your love story, there are so many options to choose from. Whether you design your own gemstone ring, opt for a knot ring, or look for an antique, the possibilities are as endless as your love!

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