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post-title 4 Common Diamond Settings for an Elegant Engagement Ring

4 Common Diamond Settings for an Elegant Engagement Ring

4 Common Diamond Settings for an Elegant Engagement Ring

With the rise of custom ring design, it’s easier than ever to create exactly ring you want to propose with. However, with more custom jewelry options come more difficult choices to make when designing the perfect engagement ring.


One design element customers have to consider when choosing diamond jewelry is how the ring will hold the stone in place. Use this quick guide to determine which setting option might be best for you:


Prong Setting

Also known as the claw setting, this most popular style incorporates two or more prongs that reach up from the band to wrap around the stone, securing it in place.

Prong settings are great for minimizing the amount of metal needed to hold the stone, allowing more light to hit the stone and showing off its size and shine. However, raised prong styles tend to get caught on hair and clothing.

Channel Setting

This modern style features a row of diamonds held in place by two strips of metal. Channel settings are known for security and their ability to stack with other rings, but channel rings are more difficult to clean and can be very challenging to resize.

Tension Setting

Tension settings are known for their sleek appearance and unusual design. The stone appears to float between the sides of the ring, which secure it at only two or so points. Tension settings allow plenty of light to sparkle off the diamond, and they require less maintenance. However, tension set rings are expensive to resize, and can cause a small carat stone to look even smaller.

Bezel Setting

Bezel settings use a rim of metal to hold the stone on all sides. This second-most common setting is dramatic and can make a stone look bigger. Bezel settings also rarely snag and are a great choice for an active lifestyle. However, bezels hide more of the stone and result in less light reflection.

Custom Diamond Settings by the Best Beloit Jewelers Available

The average price for an engagement ring is $5,598. Make sure you’re spending your money wisely by purchasing the best diamond setting for your unique union.

No matter which diamond setting you choose, you know your engagement ring will be beautiful if you design your custom engagement ring with Jewelry by Christopher. Among the best Beloit jewelers, Christopher can help you select a unique style that celebrates your love. For more information, schedule an appointment today.

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