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post-title The Custom Jewelry Design Process: Five Trends

The Custom Jewelry Design Process: Five Trends

The Custom Jewelry Design Process: Five Trends

Of all the gemstones in the world, diamonds conjure up images of luxury, opulence, extravagance, and love. Diamonds are used in creation of exquisite diamond wedding jewelry, and other pieces, too. Is it time now, perhaps, for you to think about some new pieces of custom jewelry, remounts of pieces you love, or perhaps adding a few more diamonds to your collection? Here are some ideas, with five of today’s most sizzling trends for pieces made using the custom jewelry design process.

1. Custom Diamond Jewelry

But by far, the most glamorous, alluring, and desirable pieces of jewelry are those created by the custom jewelry design process. These pieces are individual, personal, one-of-a-kind creations that carry great emotional significance to the owner. With diamonds–the proverbial ‘girl’s best friend’–and in particular, diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets and, of course, rings, the custom jewelry pieces created are sensational.

2. Custom Colorful Enamel Jewelry

Bright enamel bracelets, earrings, and necklaces sparkling with diamonds are a hot trend. Make them even more personal by having one created using the custom jewelry design process, perhaps by selecting the recipient’s favorite color combination.

3. Custom Sun, Moon, and Stars Jewelry

Celestial jewelry is the stuff of dreams. Nothing sends a more sentimental message than a diamond necklace, earring and bracelet set made by using the custom jewelry design process. It sends the message that your feelings are timeless…day, night and forever, and your world revolves around the lucky recipient of this sparkling gift set. 

4. Custom Floral Jewelry

Flower power is alive and well in the field of jewelry created by using the custom jewelry design process. Adding diamonds, of course, makes the custom piece even more special. A custom pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace featuring a flower that the recipient loves will be treasured forever. 

5. Custom Coinage Jewelry

Custom jewelry featuring images of ancient and modern coins are a hot trend, especially when the pieces are framed in diamonds or mounted with diamond accents. The coins could even be souvenirs from a trip. These necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pins make a cultural statement and are definitely not loose change!

Walking into a jewelry store has been compared to walking into a treasure chest, or even a candy store for grown-ups. All the delightful, sparkling treasures gleam and dazzle the eye and are popular all over the world. It should come as no surprise that the world’s top three markets for luxury jewelry are Europe, China, and the United States. And when a piece of luxury jewelry has been created by a specialized, custom jewelry design process, its significance and impact becomes even greater…even invaluable!

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