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post-title Popular Engagement Ring Styles We’re Seeing In 2019

Popular Engagement Ring Styles We’re Seeing In 2019

Popular Engagement Ring Styles We’re Seeing In 2019

Engagement season is officially here and now is the time to start looking into potential engagement rings if marriage has been on your mind. From rose gold bands to diamond shapes, whichever design you choose it’s important that the ring you give your partner shows your love for them.

To help you get an idea for the different types of engagement rings available this season, consider some of the most popular engagement ring styles we’ve been seeing so far in 2019.

Rose gold bands

The rose gold engagement ring has been a popular trend for the last few years, which means this trend may be an engagement staple here to stay. Rose gold grew in popularity because of its unique color and soft pink glow.

But rose gold isn’t just popular because of its color. It’s also been a hit with brides and grooms because it flatters all skin tones. Anyone can wear it.

Colorful center stones

Engagement rings are starting to step away from the traditional diamond and head towards other unique, fun, and classy colors. Two stones that are especially getting a boost in popularity are sapphire and morganite.

Sapphires come in multiple colors, but blue diamonds, in particular, represent faithfulness and good luck. Morganite looks especially gorgeous with rose gold bands and it comes available in rosy, feminine hues.

Nature-inspired accents

With interior and fashion design styles embracing bohemian and natural looks, it’s no surprise engagement rings are blooming with natural motifs, too. Popular picks right now include details of flowers, petals, vines, and leaves.

These natural details add whimsical touches to an otherwise classic ring and they’re especially fun to add to custom jewelry for a truly romantic touch. Nature isn’t just in the details, though.

Other popular ways to include natural designs into custom jewelry include embedding diamonds into flower accents and in leaf detailing.

Looking for custom engagement rings and other custom jewelry?

If you’re looking for a unique engagement or wedding ring, custom jewelry is the way to go. Approximately 30 million people invested in fine jewelry in just spring 2017, which means millions of people could potentially be wearing the same jewelry you are if it’s not one of a kind.

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