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post-title 3 Common Engagement Ring Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

3 Common Engagement Ring Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

3 Common Engagement Ring Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

It’s both magical and nerve-wracking to shop for your partner’s engagement ring. You want to be sure you’re choosing a ring that they’ll love, especially because it’ll be on their hand for years to come.

But finding the perfect ring can be just as challenging as finding the perfect someone for you, and there are a few errors people make when buying their partner’s ring.

To help you avoid making these errors yourself, here are three of the most common mistakes people make when shopping for an engagement ring and how you can avoid them.

  1. Shopping without knowing your partner’s ring size. Nothing can ruin a romantic moment more than when your partner says yes to getting married and then you can’t slide the engagement ring on their finger. Fortunately, you can avoid this issue altogether by not shopping for engagement rings before you know your partner’s ring size. Don’t be afraid to ask them directly; you should know your partner’s opinion on getting married and whether they’re ready for that step when you start looking for rings, too. Always discuss your engagement prior. Your proposal is what should be the surprise.
  2. Shopping without knowing your partner’s preferences. Most people have a preference for the type of jewelry they wear. If your partner isn’t fond of large diamonds and sparkles, it’s not a good idea to look for engagement rings with a lot of shine. Consider the jewelry they wear on a regular basis or periodically ask them what kind of diamond shapes they like or if they like them at all.
  3. Choosing a ring without considering your partner’s skin tone. Skin tone doesn’t always matter when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, but it’s always a good idea to check first to see if it matters to your partner. Again, consider the jewelry your partner wears. If they prefer silver jewelry, they might not appreciate a gold engagement ring as much even if it’s a custom jewelry design.

Looking for custom jewelry designs for your engagement rings?

The average price for an engagement ring in the U.S. is about $5,598. That’s a decent sum of money to buy a generic ring for your partner. An original jewelry design for a custom engagement ring is a more worthwhile path to take.

If you’re looking for custom jewelry designs for your partner’s engagement ring, or for your own engagement ring, Jewelry by Christopher has the handcrafted jewelry you’re looking for. For more information about our custom ring designs, contact Jewelry by Christopher today.

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