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post-title What’s The Custom Jewelry Design Process?

What’s The Custom Jewelry Design Process?

What’s The Custom Jewelry Design Process?

Finding the engagement ring of your dreams can be a process. You’ve looked around at every jewelry store online and in-person, but can’t seem to find one you love.

The good news is custom jewelry designers can help to make your engagement ring search that much easier. But how does the custom jewelry design process work exactly and what can you expect when you decide to move forward with a custom engagement ring design?

What can I expect when I choose to get a custom engagement ring?

When you choose to get a custom engagement ring, you’re involved in every step of the custom jewelry design process. You can provide opinions and critiques to ensure your unique jewelry is just the way you want it.

Here are some of the steps that are involved when creating custom jewelry:

  1. Your consultation. Before your jeweler begins working on your custom engagement ring, you’ll first have your consultation with the designer. You can tell your designer your ideas and inform them about what you like and want in an engagement ring. Your designer may create basic sketches for you and discuss wearability depending on the metals chosen for the design.
  2. Jewelry rendering. Once the initial design for the ring has been approved, the jewelry will be rendered using computer-aided design. This creates a photo-realistic image of your engagement ring.
  3. Wax modeling. Before the jewelry is officially created, a 3D wax model will be created and presented to you first. This part of the process ensures that the design is accurate.
  4. Casting and finishing. Once the wax model design has been confirmed, experts handcraft the metal version of your jewelry. The ring is shined, textured, and detailed to your design and the diamond is professionally set. After a final inspection of the design’s accuracy, the engagement ring will be yours.

Looking for custom engagement rings?

It’s no secret that custom ring designs are a popular choice not just for engagements and weddings but also for special gifts. In fact, specialty jewelers generate over 43% of the jewelry industry’s sales in the United States.

If you’re looking for custom engagement rings and custom wedding ring designs, Jewelry by Christopher has the original jewelry designs you need. To learn more about our handcrafted jewelry, contact Jewelry by Christopher today.

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