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post-title Diamond Wedding Jewelry It is the Tradition

Diamond Wedding Jewelry It is the Tradition

Diamond Wedding Jewelry It is the Tradition

Diamond wedding jewelry is a time-honored tradition. The tradition of exchanging wedding rings date back to ancient Egypt. In early Roman times, it was the tradition for the groom to present the bride with an iron ring during the wedding ceremony.

Engagement rings started showing up in ancient Rome as well. A ring with a key attached was given to the betrothed by the groom to show that the maiden was taken.

Where Did The Diamond Jewelry Tradition Come From?

Originally all wedding rings were custom wedding rings. Today, you have the option of choosing custom wedding ring design or “buying off the rack” rings that are already made. Either way when you choose wedding rings or an engagement ring made from diamonds you are making a statement about your love.

Diamond wedding jewelry got its start in 1477. The Archduke of Austria had the first diamond engagement ring crafted for his beloved. This simple act born of love started a trend. European nobility and royalty followed suit and began having their diamond wedding jewelry made.

The Trends

The tradition started by the Archduke of Austria in 1477 never lost its steam. It has since that time been in style. Over the centuries different trends became popular from the gemstone, filigree mixes of the Edwardian era to the simple solitaires today.

Cuts, mountings, and styles change but the love of diamonds has never changed. It is THE wedding jewelry that is handed down through the generations.

It is Meaningful

Diamonds are very symbolic when it comes to representing a couple’s love for each other. They are the hardest natural material, they are rare, they are brilliant and beautiful. Many couples choose diamond jewelry to express their love.

It is the perfect gemstone to symbolically tie two people together. Like your love, the diamond is strong, rare and beautiful. Custom wedding rings crafted from diamonds and precious metals show the world exactly what your partner means to you.

Take Part in the Tradition

Diamonds are the perfect way to show the world your level of commitment to each other. Choose custom wedding bands Beloit WI couples have used for generations to show their love.

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