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post-title Hate Your Engagement Ring: What You Can Do About It

Hate Your Engagement Ring: What You Can Do About It

Hate Your Engagement Ring: What You Can Do About It

Did you know that the average price of an engagement ring is nearly $6,000? For most Americans, that’s a lot of money. More and more couples pick out an engagement ring together because of the cost, or they might just make sure to let their partners know in advance what they like and don’t like in a ring. However, there are still many people who present an engagement ring that comes as a complete surprise to their partner. So, if you’re one of the people who gets a surprise engagement ring, what do you do if you hate it?

Keep Your Cool

Okay, all sorts of things are probably running through your head when you get an engagement ring that you hate. Why would your partner choose that ring? Doesn’t your partner know what you like? How can this relationship work if he can’t even pick the right ring?

Before your thoughts run away with you, slow down and try not to show that you hate the ring. Keep in mind that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and the ring is just a small part of that. They probably did the best they could when they chose a ring for you. Fashion may not be his forte. After all, would you rely on your partner to choose your clothes for you every day? Probably not.

Take Some Time

It’s probably not a good idea to tell your new fiancé that you hate the ring—at least, not yet. You should give it a few days first. You may just feel overwhelmed with everything. After you’ve had some time to process everything, decide what you do like about the ring. Perhaps you like the stone or the setting. Maybe there’s just a small detail that you don’t like.

Talk to Your Fiancé

If, after you’ve given it some time, you still hate your engagement ring, it’s time to fess up. Talk to your fiancé about it—delicately. Makes sure they know you love them, but the ring just isn’t you. And be sure to tell them what you do like about the ring. Ask them what they like about the ring, too. Then you can decide what to do next.

Modify or Replace the Ring

If you and your fiancé decide to do something about the ring, visit a jewelry store together to see what your options are. You may be able to simply modify the ring. A master jeweler does custom ring design and could probably find a way to change the original ring into something you will love. Then you would have a custom engagement ring with a great story.

You could also go to the same jewelry store where your fiancé purchased the ring—they may have a solution and a return policy that you need to pay attention to. You might have the option to exchange the ring for a new one. You and your fiancé should shop for the new ring together. Be flexible when you’re at the jewelry store, and include your partner in the decision.

Keep the Ring

Of course, you always have the option of keeping the original engagement ring. Instead of telling your fiancé that you don’t like the ring, you could pick out or design custom wedding bands together. The addition of a wedding band can make the engagement ring look completely different. Down the road, you could modify your engagement ring—perhaps for your 10 year anniversary!

Whatever you decide to do about an engagement ring that you hate, be sure you do it graciously. If this is the person you want to marry, even an unintentional slight could do some serious damage to your relationship.

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